About us


The system

Our primary system is that of La Verdadera Destreza , meaning  "the true art" is the military Spanish system of fencing. Destreza is a universal method of fighting, with principles and concepts that are applicable to a range of weapons. This includes but is not limited too, The iconic Spanish cup hilt rapier, sword and dagger, sword and cloak, sword and rodella, sword and buckler, long-sword, montante and pole arms such as the half pike and halberd.

La Verdadera Destreza is governed by mathematics and geometrical principles. favoring the use of circle footwork and superiority in the bind with an emphasis on proper bio-mechanics of the body. 

The School

Gray School of Arms is Ireland's only western martial arts school teaching the Spanish sword system of La Verdadera Destreza. Set up in 2015 the school has rapidly grown with branches across Ireland and in Brazil.

Before becoming offically public the school began its days back in early 2012 with private group classes held in outdoor areas. 

Even though the school has grown we still hold onto our roots! teaching frequent outdoor training sessions. This mix of indoor smooth surfaces and outdoor uneven terrain allows for a much more realistic and combative approach to learning.

In 2016 Nathan Gray the founder and head instructor of Gray School of Arms became the Irish representative of Academia Da Espada under his Master Ton Puey.