Curriculum and grading



Students attending Gray School of Arms will progress through a grading structure. Each section of the schools curriculum is broken down into modules which allow students to pick and choose what they wish to learn. This gives more freedom to students and allows each of them to tailor their progression.


Once students have completed the first module (which is mandatory) they will be given a choice on which modules they wish to learn next. Students can also choose to focus solely on one aspect alone and progress onto learning how to teach and improve on that weapon. (please note all instructors can only teach weapons that they have completed the mandatory modules for)


Each student is continually assessed during classes, once the instructor feels the student is ready they will allow them to take the grading test. Each module is made up of a series of assessments which are carried out by the instructor and assistant instructors.

Depending on the grade being assessed the student will be tested on practical and theoretical principles involving, Teaching, explanation of theory, fencing ability, fitness and free fencing. 

On completion the student will received a certificate and arm sash as well as progressing onto the next faze of their training. 

Below is the schools grading chart, the first four levels are done as part of the mandatory first module which gives you the knowledge and abilities needed to learn the other modules. At the end of each module, students will progress further up the grading tree.

Grading Tree

  1. Scholar: White arm Sash.

  2. Advanced Scholar: Yellow arm Sash.

  3. Scholar Adept: Green arm Sash.

  4. Free Scholar: Blue arm Sash.

  5. Advanced Free Scholar: Red arm Sash.

  6. Free Scholar Adept: Brown arm Sash.

  7. Provost: Purple arm Sash.

  8. Advance Provost: Gold arm Sash.

  9. Provost Adept: Black arm Sash.

  10. Assistant instructor: Black and Purple arm Sash.

  11. Instructor: Black and Gold arm Sash.


Module 1


Learn to fight with the Iconic Spanish cup hilt rapier. Students will learn all the fundamentals of fencing and how to fight and hone the skills needed to use this weapon.


Completion of this module will see students pass the first four grades.

Module 2

Rapier and Dagger

This Module covers the use of Rapier and dagger. Students will learn how to use this combination as well as continue to hone their skills with the rapier. Sword and dagger is an excellent style of fencing, fencers will need to be cunning and quick to gain this combinations full potential.


Completion of this module allows testing for one grade advancement.

Module 3

Rapier and Shield

This Module covers the use of Rapier and Shield. Students will learn how to use this deadly combination. Sword and shield is an aggressive style of fighting, allowing for excellent protection and aggressive offensive capability.


Completion of this module allows testing for one grade advancement.

Module 4 Spear

This module covers the use of the Spear. Students will learn how to use this weapon as well as how to apply is principles to other pole arms. The spear has been used for generations and still sees use to this day. A trusted weapon for generations.


Completion of this module allows testing for one grade advancement.

Module 5 Empty hand

This module covers the use of empty hand fighting. Students will learn boxing and kickboxing, striking, elbows, body manipulation, joint destruction and more. When your weapon fails you, use your body.


Completion of this module allows testing for one grade advancement.

Module 6 Fitness

This module will cover improving the body and mind for fighting. Students will learn how to increase their strength, flexibility, conditioning. Students will also learn how to maintain their body and recover from training. All the skill in the world will be useless if the body is broken.


Completion of this module allows testing for one grade advancement.

Module 7 Teaching

This module covers everything a student will need to teach a class and workshop. Students wishing to teach classes under the school will learn everything they need to open and run a successful class.

On completion students will be allowed to teach module 1 (rapier) content at their own class with the full support of the school.


On completion students can teach module 1 and open their own class under the Gray School of Arms school. Students can also take instructor assessments to further what they can teach.

Module 8 Instructor Assessment

If a student wishes to teach a modules content after completion of that module then they will need to take the module 8 instructor assessment. In this module students will have to demonstrate, teach and fight in order to show they are capable of upholding the schools standards.

If they show sufficient skills both in teaching, demonstrating and performing the content of the completed module they will be granted permission to teach it in their class.

Please note: Student must have completed module 1(Rapier) and module 7(teaching)

Before testing for the right to teach further modules.

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