Gray School of Arms Grading structure


Grading curriculum 

Students attending Gray School of Arms will progress through a grading structure. Each grade represents a section of the curriculum with each section building on the last. Students will progress from the basics of fencing and empty hand fighting to more advanced forms of weapons usage.


Assessment is carried out by the instructor and assistant instructors. Each student is continually assessed during classes, once the instructor feels the student is ready he will allow them to take the grading test.

Depending on the grade being assessed the student will be tested on practical and theoretical principles involving, Teaching, explanation of theory, fencing ability and free fencing. 

On completion the student will received a certificate and arm sash as well as progressing onto the next faze of their training. 




Basic Empty hand and single sword: White arm Sash


Advanced scholar. 

Intermediate and advanced Empty hand and Single sword: Yellow arm sash


Scholar adept.

Sword and dagger: Green arm sash


Free scholar. 

Sword and shield: Blue arm sash


Advanced Free Scholar. 

Spear: Red arm sash


Free Scholar Adept.

Single stick, Knife: Brown arm sash



Montante and advanced practitioner training in free fencing with all weapons: Purple arm sash

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Advanced provost. 

Assistant instructor training: Gold Sash


Provost adept.

6 years dedicated training, fencing accomplishment and feats of excellence, demonstration of excellence in handling of all arms taught in the school. Research and development of new material and assistant instruction: Black Sash

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Nominated and put forward for assessment, demonstration of teaching and handling of all weapons. Graded and helped three other members achieve Provost ranking. Minimum of 6 years free fencing: Black with gold sash