Fight Choreography for Stage and Film

At Gray School of Arms, we offer students the opportunity to learn fight choreography for both stage and screen performance.  Learn the skills to be an on screen and stage combat performer! Train with Irelands foremost experts in adapting accurate historical combat arts to the stage and screen.

We have worked with Stage performers, Actors, Support artists,re-enactors, stunt performers, historical combat enthusiasts and professionals from all over Ireland and abroad.

Offering training in a broad range of weapons and empty hand disciplines and fighting styles, Covering a multitude of historical ages.

Weapons covered:

  • Empty hand: Striking,grappling, body manipulation.
  • Rapier and single handed swords.
  • Rapier and offhanded weapons Shield,dagger,cloak,hat,buckler.
  • Two handed long-swords and montantes.
  • Pole-arms, Spear, quarter staff, pike.
  • Modern weapons: Knives, sticks, machetes.
  • Improvised weapons.
  • Falls: Break falls, Rolls, Dive rolls.

Each course and class offered covers specific needs for the chosen industry weather performing a rapier fight for a play or fighting multiple opponents on a film set we have you covered.


The Method

Each course provided by Gray School of Arms teaches specific skill sets to the attendees. Using a tried and tested method that has seen great results from students, Gray School of Arms has helped many professionals reach their goals.

Each student is thought how to use the given weapon for real giving a higher level of control and under standing. Learning the key concepts and principles of fighting and then being shown how to add the theatrical elements needed for stage and screen combat. This method of teaching comes with many benefits such as:

  • Increased confidence and stage presence (Knowing how to use the tools for real gives the performer a higher level of confidence which trans-fairs over to how they hold themselves and move)
  • Increased safety (this comes from knowing and practicing with the weapon as it would have been used, increasing the performers ability to counter unforeseen circumstance)
  • Ability to adapt more easily to fight requirements (through learning proper concepts and principles behind using the given weapon students can more easily adapt to requirements and changes to the fight choreography)
  • Understanding theatrical movements and camera positioning (understanding camera positioning and theatrical movements are key to creating great fight scenes. Knowing where the camera is and adapting your movements to get the best results)
  • Ability to use a variety of weapons ( the performers gain the ability and understanding necessary to use one and two handed swords, pole - arms and off hand weapon such as shields and cloaks)
  • Ability to fight empty handed (Modern hand to hand fighting is the most sought after requirement for fight scenes, it is very important that the performer is able to effectively use these skills)
  • Ability to work with less experienced colleagues (with an understanding of fighting both as a martial art and theatrical, the perform gains the ability to work with and if necessary help less experiences colleagues)
  • Teaching and adapting to fight choreography (We do not just teach performers to follow, we teach them to think. Our goal is to give each performer the ability to create and adapt their own choreography)
  • Portfolio and Certification (over each course the performer will work on putting together intricate fight scenes. By the end of the course the performer will have 3 recorded fight scenes for their portfolio covering 1-1 fight, 1 vers multiple attackers and a large battle scene. Performers will also receive certification which will help them in gaining more work and showing their experience.
  • Gray School of Arms membership (each and every student who takes our courses gains free membership to our school, even when the course is finished our door will always be open ready to assist performers with future projects)

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